Contract THERMEC 2018


· All rates are net in Euro including taxes and service, if nothing else is mentioned in the offer.


· A sales statement will be sent each month to KTS.

· All services indicated in the proforma invoice are upon availability at the confirmation.

Alterations and/or cancellations:

· All alterations and/or cancellations of confirmed bookings are to be made in writing to KTS, by fax or email.

· KTS confirms all alterations and/or cancellations of confirmed bookings in writing to you, by fax or email.

Payment Conditions:

· 100% of payment upon the confirmation.

Cancellation policy:

· More than 30 days before check in date – no cancellation fees

· Between 29 days and the day of service – 100 % cancellation fees

All cancellation have to be sent by written on working day from Monday to Friday from 09h00 to 18h00 French local time.

Cancellation due to strikes or force majeure:

· Please note that in case of cancellation due to strikes (for example transportation), disease (personal or epidemic) or any other events out of KTS and our selected partners’ control, you accept that KTS and its partners can’t be held responsible and you accept to pay the suppliers as per above-written terms of cancellation. We recommend you to subscribe an insurance covering these kinds of situations.

Terms of payment:

· All extras have to be paid directly to the suppliers.


· Payment should be done online on this website with credit card (via Paypal Express system).

· The amount of the invoice is net.


· KTS will not refund unused, not cancelled, services.


· All disputes, which may arise from the improper execution of this Agreement, or in connection with this Agreement, the Parties will try to settle by negotiations for reaching decision or agreement.

· In case the Parties will not come to such an agreement, French law is applied and disputes are to be referred to Arbitration Court in Paris (Tribunal de Commerce de Paris).

The below-mentioned group is confirmed and we accept the above-mentioned conditions. Please fill in the following information and return the signed and stamped agreement by fax to KTS for a definite confirmation.

Group reference: Thermec 2018

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